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1788 Sierra Leone Ave, Ste #203. Rowland Heights, CA 91748

點擊發送郵件 insurance.5812581@lapinsurance.com

人壽保險                  Life Insurance
長期看護保險          Long Term Care
退休年金                  Annuity
遺產規劃                  Estate Planning
個人退休帳戶          IRA

團體健康保險            Small / Large Group
附加薪資服務計畫    Payroll Services Plan
視力                            Vision
牙齒保險                    Dental
主管紅利計畫            Key Person Insurance

個人健康保險           Individual Family
65歲以上耆英保       Medicare Advantage HMO
補充計畫保險           Senior Supplement  Plan F
處方藥計畫保險       Part D
旅遊保險                   Travel Insurance
孕婦險                       Medi-Cal Access Program

汽車                         Auto
房屋                         Home
雨傘                         Umbrella
地震                         Earthquake

公司責任險              Commercial Liability
勞工傷殘保險          Workers’ Compensation
商業汽車                  Commercial Auto
​加大責任險               Excess Liability

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1788 Sierra Leone Ave, Ste #203. Rowland Heights, CA 91748


點擊發送郵件 insurance.5812581@lapinsurance.com

We are hiring!

Financial Analyst
L.A Pinnacle Insurance Agency – Rowland Heights, CA 
The financial analyst is responsible for providing financial analysis, performing financial forecasting, reconciliation, handling complex and high level financial analysis. 
Job Responsibilities: 
– Be able to create financial models, financial reports with excellent finance skills. 
– Collect and analyze financial performance. 
–  Prepare draft budget for management team review. 
Required Education Experience: 
– Bachelor’s Degree in finance, accounting or related area is required. 
Required Skills: 
– Excellent communication skills 
– Financial skills 
– Proficient with software tools such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook 
– Photoshop skills 
– must be independent, ethical and honest 
– Driven to achieve 
– Attention to detail 
– Dedicated to success 
Required Language: 
– English 
– Chinese 
– Cantonese or others 
Job Type: 
Full / Part-time 
Please send your resume to:newhire188@gmail.com. For more information about our company, please visit our website at www.lapinsurance.com. 

                                                                                                                                                                      December 1,2016